Video: Rapsody – “Thank You Very Much” (Produced by Khrysis)

Watch the new video for the track “Thank You Very Much” by Rapsody.

Video: Pharrell Williams – “Marilyn Monroe”

Watch the new video for “Marilyn Monroe” from Pharrell Williams below:

Video: Lily Allen – “Sheezus” (Produced by DJ Dahi)

Watch Lily Allens new video for “Sheezus” produced by DJ Dahi.  The lyrics call out Beyonce, Rihanna, Lorde, Katy Perry and Lady Gaga and the title (obviously) references Kanye West.



Album Stream: “The Boondocks” Mixtape

Stream or download The Boondocks Mixtape brought to you by DJ Drama, Don Cannon and Trendsetter Sense here:


01 Killer Mike: “Boonies” (produced by The Alchemist)
02 Troy Ave: “Blanco” (produced by DJ Uneek)
03 Two-9: “Fat Toney” [ft. Reese] (produced by Chuck Inglish)
04 Earthgang: “Pascals” (produced by Unique Weirdooo)
05 Wara: “Slangin” (produced by Wara)
06 Chevy Woods: “Know Shit” [ft. Roscoe Dash] (produced by Roscoe Dash)
07 Reese: “Rileys Theme” (produced by Slade Da Monsta)
08 Anik Khan: “Stunt 101″ (produced by Mr Incredible)
09 Skeme: “Paint A Picture” (produced by Sean Momberger)
10 Michael Christmas: “Sometimes” (produced by Teddy Roxpin)
11 Jon Connor: “The City” (produced by DJ Khalil)
12 Charlie Red: “Greengreed” (produced by Charlie Red)
13 Lil Herb: “Whatchu Get” (produced by J Herd)
14 Childish Major: “Same Ole Sh*t” [ft. Smoke DZA & Matik Estada] (produced by Childish Major)
15 Sean Falyon: “Famous” (produced by Bah)
16 Tuki Carter: “Talkin Now” (produced by The Flush)
17 Problem: “Keep It Real” [ft. Badd Lucc & Casha] (produced by Los)
18 M Pulse: “Ed Wuncler” (produced by Keef Boyd & Lyle Leduff)

J Dilla – “Give ‘Em What They Want”

Check out the unearthed J Dilla joint “Give ‘Em What they Want” off the upcoming  6-track EP by the same name.  Album drops May 6.

SZA feat. Isaiah Rashad – “Warm Winds” (Video)

Enjoy the new “Warm Winds” video from TDE’s female R&B artist SZA featuring Isaiah Rashad.  Her new Z EP has been generating quite a buzz.

Album Stream: Pharoahe Monch – PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)

Listen to Pharoahe Monchs new album PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) a day before its release here:

Pharrell Williams – “Here”

Listen to Pharrell Williams latest song “Here” from The Amazing Spider-Man 2 soundtrack.



Album Stream: Kelis – FOOD

Killer Mike – “The Boonies” (Produced by Alchemist)

Listen to the Killer Mike‘s “The Boonies” produced by Alchemist from The Boondocks mixtape due April 16.

Random Hip Hop Facts Part 27

 Did you know?

270. Nicki Minaj enjoys watching Judge Judy1


269. One of Action Bronsons favorite restaurants in NYC is Nicky’s Vietnamese Sandwiches. 2


268. DJ Mustard provided the foundation for Rick Ross “Sanctified” beat.  Kanye West later slowed it down and added the sample to it.

(1:10 mark)


267. Big Sean was in a group called the Young Boys when he was 11. “We did this whole abstinence thing where I was writing about no sex and no drugs,” he says. 3


266. Cee-Lo sang on TLCs “Waterfalls.”

(1:30 mark)


265. Rihanna has her own national holiday in Barbados. 4


264. Kendrick Lamar is the cousin of Los Angeles Laker Nick Young and will be featured on Swaggy P’s mixtape. 5


263. Pharoahe Monch considers Melle Mel’s verse on Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five’s “Beat Street Breakdown” one of the greatest of all time. 6

(2:49 mark)


262. All of De La Soul used to work at Burger King. 7


261. LL Cool J performed at Bill Clinton’s 1993 inaugural celebration.  The concert was produced by Quincy Jones8



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8. []

A History of Pharrell’s Fashion Collaborations

With the recent announcement of Pharrell’s partnership with Adidas, this timeline is dedicated to a history of his various other fashion launches and collaborations.

Think this still isn’t enough to make the high fashion hopeful Yeezus jealous?

He has his own eco-friendly textile company Bionic Yarn and has also partnered with a slew of other designers for custom-made pieces.  (e.g. His infamous purple Hermès travel bag, iced out Rubik’s Cube by Jacob & Co. and ridiculously bejeweled BAPE x G-Shock in his younger days).  

Click the photo below for a better look.


Pharrell Williams – G I R L Album Review

As violins composed by frequent collaborator Hans Zimmer open Pharrell Williams’ second solo album, G  I  R  L, the first word that hits the listener’s ears is “different.” It is the quintessential word to describe an artist who has not only turned heads for his unconventional style (audiences are still gawking at his Vivenne Westwood Grammy hat), but also known for founding a company called i am OTHER.

For the past eight years, Pharrell has shied away from the limelight admitting his first LP’s lack of sales and direction left him discouraged. He was content with producing, making occasional features and scoring films (Despicable MeAmazing Spider-Man 2) and the 2012 Oscars with Zimmer.  After producing three of 2013′s hottest singles (“Blurred Lines,” “Get Lucky” and “Happy”), he became Billboard’s poster child.  Columbia Records took notice, and he hesitantly accepted their invitation to get back in the studio as a solo artist.

Announced no more than two weeks prior to its release, G  I  R  L continues the vivacious and warm tone of “Happy,” and it is absolutely contagious.  Embracing strings and chords that recall Disco and Soul grooves of the 70s, its tangible sound serves as a divine awakening from Pop music’s computerized coma. In an era where EDM and Dubstep dominated with its cold and synthetic melodies, Pharrell incorporates a key element that was too often neglected in recent years: instrumentation.

Like the title of his second track with Justin Timberlake, the reappearance of uptempo brass and Nile Rodgers’ riffs fit for The Jackson 5 make the listener feel “Brand New.”  Daft Punk add dimension to the danceable and feel-great “Gust of Wind,” and the guitar solo combined with soft keyboards on “It Girl” is pure ethereal ecstasy.

Now settled down with his wife, Helen Lasichanh, and 5-year old son, Rocket, at age 40, the lyrics on G  I  R  L are a far cry from the lavish life and fancy cars on his first effort, In My Mind. Similar to Beyonce, the album is a love letter to women with the intention of making them feel like they possess a super power. Citing females as “the cornerstone of existence,” he reveres them in songs like, “Lost Queen” and empathizes with them on “Know Who You Are” with songstress Alicia Keys singing, “Bad day, at work, crazy boss, crazy or worse/Finger pointin,’ but they depend on you.”

On the lusty “Come Get It Bae” with Miley Cyrus, he promises to satisfy his lover amidst a lively interpolation of Missy Elliott’s “Pass That Dutch.”  He boasts, “None of them boys know the first thing about your fantasy/And if they tried, they cannot do it just like me.”  He exudes sexual confidence aspiring to make his woman “Gush” as violins that sound like Puffy’s “I Love You, Baby play while he asks if she wants to “get dirty.”

Aside from harmonizing about the opposite sex, he also touches on his fascination with space (“My lucky star/I guess you came from behind the moon”) and praises uniqueness on “Freq,” a hidden track with former Pop princess JoJo. He proclaims the adage he’s always seemed to live by. “You see I’d rather be a freq than not bein’ me/Individuality makes life better.”

After listening to the album’s ten tracks, G  I  R  L, stimulates with it refreshing sound and unexpected star power that was kept as secretive as the creation of the album itself.  Though it instills a frustrating yearning for summer in March and “Happy” sounds awkward between two sexually charged tracks, the album shows a tremendous amount of growth since Pharrell became eminent for The Neptunes’ sound.

Long-time fans will be delighted to hear various motifs from his work like the electric piano on “Señorita,N.E.R.D.’s beloved clavichord and a reference to a 2003 track produced for Busta Rhymes. New fans of all ages will enjoy its universal theme of love and its sophisticated, yet fun production.  Sure to be award-winning, it is a brilliant and much-needed project by the man behind the boards who has created the majority of his masterpieces for everyone but himself.

Love Is Evol: A Collection of Eminem Songs About Love and Heartbreak

Love has been terribly unkind to Eminem over the years. Read on to discover the evolution of Eminem’s most honest and personal songs about love and heartbreak over the past few decades.


The Game of Love

In his early days, Em touched on relationships and breakups with these two songs from his first solo effort.

Eminem feat. Eye-Kyu - “Searchin’” (Infinite, 1996) 

The only true Hip Hop love song of his career features a 24-year-old Em romantically gushing, “I got some game that I’m preparing to run/The way your lips sparkle and glare in the sun.”  This is a rare gem that doesn’t result in anguish or violence.

Eminem – “Jealousy Woes II” (Infinite, 1996) 

Em vents about a money-hungry girl who leaves him for another man. “Leaving me in sorrow, Brandy never felt so brokenhearted/I fell apart when you departed,” he vents.

Listen here:

[Click Here to Read the Rest of the List...]

LA Hip Hop Events Calendar

Hip Hop music, concerts and events in and around Los Angeles.


Click Here for Weekly Events

HipHopDX Interview with Rapper E-40

“Higher Learning” – Interview with Rapper Devin the Dude

Devin The DudeWhether grumbling about skyrocketing Cigarillo and gas prices on “Almighty Dollar” or the disappearance of weed after a party on the DJ Premier produced “Doobie Ashtray,” Devin the Dude has built a legacy for laying down mellow and relevant tracks since 1992.  Known for collaborations with Dr. Dre on the classic “Fuck You” and Andre 3000 and Snoop on “What a Job,” the Houston rapper has managed to become known as one of the rap game’s most underrated MCs.

As a former b-boy who listened to Slick Rick and Too $hort, the up-and-coming rapper sat by his radio every Saturday recording new songs off of college radio.  The frequent talent show contestant grew up idolizing Scarface, and after graduating high school, Devin Copeland was blessed with the opportunity to become a member of his group Facemob while also forming the Odd Squad aka the Coughee Brothaz. 


After being hesitant about going solo, he decided to go through with the decision in 1998.  The MC, whose named derived from one of his favorite Quincy Jones albums, The Dude, was invited to join Rap-A-Lot records where fellow H-Town legends the Geto Boys were also notoriously signed.  

[Click Here to Read More...]

HipHopDX Article: Between You, Me & Yeezus: Meeting Kanye West & Tyler, the Creator


Click here to read about my experience at Casey Veggies’ El Rey show. Surprise guests included Kanye West and Tyler, the Creator.

HipHopDX Article: Just The Two Of Us: Chronicling, Defending & Meeting Eminem


Read about how I defended Eminem as a teenager and eventually got the opportunity to meet him after creating my own fan site:

LA Hip Hop Landmarks


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